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Emergency Response Plans

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Emergency response plans define what your business or organization needs to do in the event of a serious, unexpected, and typically dangerous situation. These written documents describe the specific actions you’ll need to take to save lives, protect property, and coordinate an effective response. Whether the incident is man-made or naturally occurring, it pays to be prepared.

What you do during the first minutes of an emergency is especially critical. Spending the time on an emergency response plan now could make the difference between life and death. Businesses and organizations that invest in emergency response planning demonstrate a commitment to people – their most important asset. A team that’s well-prepared can also maximize the emergency response and minimize adverse consequences.   

The Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Consulting (ERC) is ready to help your business or organization develop an emergency response plan that meets your specific requirements. First, we’ll work with your safety and operations personnel to identify risks and threats. Next, we’ll provide a written analysis for your review. ERC will then present an emergency response plan that’s detailed, comprehensive, and clear. ERC can also train your team. From minor medical emergencies to major structure fire, you’ll be ready to respond.

Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis

Having a trained team is important, but emergency response planning begins with risk assessment and threat analysis. In the workplace and other environments, risk assessment is about more than just hazard identification. Risk analysis, evaluation, and control need to account for the likelihood and severity of an emergency. Threat analysis, a term used in homeland security, also covers a range of man-made or natural occurrences such as floods, storms, workplace violence, and active shooter incidents.   

Protective Actions for Life Safety and Incident Stabilization

The emergency response plans that ERC creates include protective actions for life safety such as evacuation, sheltering, shelter-in-place, and lockdowns. We can also advise you about means of egress, employee alarm systems, and communications procedures for phone systems and radios. Incident stabilization is an important area of focus, too. Regulations may require you to take actions before EMS arrives, or you may simply need to call 911 and account for all personnel. Either way, you need a plan.

From Emergency Planning to Performance Improvements

Emergency Response Consulting is a total solutions provider that offers services ranging from grant writing and grant management to exercise and evaluation programs. We can also help you to coordinate an active shooter / hostile MCI response with police, fire, and emergency medical services personnel. By investing in your people and developing an integrated plan, you can also pursue performance improvements.

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In the midst of this global crisis, ERC has found itself on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

As the leader of a Regional Emergency Operation’s Center in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, our primary focus is now on the safety or our community and the entire world at large.

We are working around the clock to mitigate the effects of this virus as it takes a hold of every corner of our world.

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Each of our clients has become more like family, and we hope this message finds you all safe and healthy. Together, we will overcome this! We have no doubt that the experience we gain during these unprecedented times will give us even more expertise to provide you with the most practical solutions for your emergency response and planning needs.

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