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Public Speaking

Public speaking before a live audience is one of the most effective ways to communicate with a group of people. Amalio “AJ” Jusino, the president of Emergency Response Consulting (ERC), is a skilled communicator who’s spoken at events for emergency responders in Massachusetts, Vermont, Florida, and Washington, D.C. He’s also been a motivational speaker at events for teenagers.

At events for emergency services, public/private industry, safety professionals and many others throughout New England, Connecticut, New York, Washington D.C. and Florida.

He is high energy, motivating, and dynamic in his presentation style. Most importantly, he recognizes and has a talent of being able to adapt his presentation to his audience instantly. His ability to provide real life experience that gets his audience thinking and often times laughing and wondering makes his presentations stay with you. These presentations include:


Egos and Attitudes in Emergency Management

Want to break borders, laugh at your peers and openly understand the dynamics of each discipline? Then contact ERC today to schedule this presentation about why police, fire and EMS do what they do.

Interpersonal dynamics can either help or hinder emergency planning and response. Different agencies also have different standards, motivations, and expectations. They have different levels of training and areas of focus, too. The result is that police, fire, and EMS approach emergency planning and response very differently. This results in conflicts that are seen across the country. Learn how responders can work together instead of against each other.        


Dispatchers and Responders: Why the Divide?

"911 what’s your emergency? I think my dogs little house is on fire. Dispatch to Fire respond to a fully engulfed structure fire!!!! Has this happened to you?"

Dispatchers and responders want the same thing: to help the people who need our assistance. Yet it’s not that simple. Dispatchers are the lifeline to a responder’s success, but many responders view dispatchers are illegitimate members of the emergency response community. To bridge that gap, responders need to include and educate the dispatchers that they work with. Trust is important, too. What do responders want from dispatchers? What can dispatchers do to better help responders? This session explains.  


Millennials: What’s the Problem?

"Thank you, I got the job, but when do I get my first raise and promotion?"

Millennials aren’t just younger than many veteran responders. The group of people born between the early 1980s to mid-1990s see things differently. Do they want more from their jobs, or do they just want to rise to the top without doing their time and waiting their turn? What motivates millennials and keeps them engaged? For emergency services managers, managing millennials can be challenging. It’s time to learn some strategies for working with a new generation of emergency responders.


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