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Grant Writing and Management

Grant writing is not the same as creative writing. It’s not like writing an email or a report either. Instead, grant writing begins with a complete and accurate understanding of the grant application. The need for grant writers to comply with standards, meet deadlines and submit perfectly tailored grant applications is the difference between being funded for critical needs or failing at your most basic mission. Then if awarded, compliance with procurement and timely reporting is imperative.

Grant writing and management are time-consuming and can be overwhelming. Emergency Response Consulting has the training and experience to share this knowledge through our grant writing courses or we can be your total solutions grant management team.

The ERC Advantage

ERC specializes in grant writing and can help you to make competitive, on-time bids for your community. Amalio “AJ” Jusino is an expert in FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. He has also assisted multiple communities with local, state and federal planning, mitigation and response grants. That’s why municipalities and emergency response agencies from across the country depend on ERC to secure funding for their equipment, planning, training and operational needs.

Getting Started

Don’t let geography be an obstacle. Through phone calls and email communications, ERC can learn all about your organization or community. In fact, we’ll probably discover some things you didn’t know. To start this process, we’ll identify your needs and separate them from your wants. ERC will then search for grants that meet your specific requirements. We’ll also help you to determine whether the most cost-effective approach is a single grant application or an annual contract with us

Grant Writing

Once we determine your needs, ERC will add you to our grant search list. Through our established contract ERC will share our findings and gain your approval to move forward. The process begins with an initial draft that will be tailored and perfected to meet not only the requirements of the grant application, but also the regulations of your agency. No grant is ever submitted without final client approval and a complete understanding of the process if awarded. ERC will then maintain our partnership to assure procurement compliance and grant reporting requirements.

Grant Management Services

ERC can generate and submit reports that demonstrate your compliance with the grant’s conditions. We’ll retain your grant files and financial documents for seven years, too. Reporting requirements can vary by grant, so it pays to engage an expert. Grants can help your community, but you’ll need to follow the rules to realize the benefits.

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