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Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Training

There are over 2 million reports of workplace violence filed by U.S. workers annually. Insurance companies are mandating certain safety training classes to prevent and to educate on how to respond to these incidents. Do you know the warning signs or how to respond to an incident to assure the safest outcome for your employees and yourself?

ERC is committed to making the world a safer place, this includes the workplace. With over 2 million reports annually and many more never reported it is imperative that companies have a culture of safety and kindness that not only reduces these occurrences, but helps employees recognize and respond to an incident. It can be sexual harassment training, stop the bleed, Narcan administration, active shooter/hostile threat or any other level of workplace concern and ERC will have a solution. Our commitment is life safety and business continuity. Contact ERC today for your workplace violence needs.  

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